About Us

Hi, my name is Sam and I’m the creator of askfmiptracker.com

I’m an entrepreneur, web developer and programmer. I have been involved in web development for about 5 years now, I was interested from a young age and now I have a career in web development.

I started development on this site in early 2014 after a friend told me about a site called ask.fm . I did some research on the site and I found it to be a very interesting idea, I started doing some research on the site and finding out about it. It became clear that it was a very popular site amongst teenagers, I also found out that there was a large amount of people who were looking for ways to trace people who posted on the profiles. Some just for fun and others for more serious reasons. I started looking around and I found that most you had to download and were just fake or viruses.

So I decided to make something that you didn’t have to download and that actually worked. I spent months doing research and finding out about how the site works and came up with this site. I hope you enjoy it and help your friends by sharing us online!

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